Good restaurants in Clark Pampanga

If memory serves, there had never been a serious attempt to rank and classify good restaurants in Clark Pampanga, despite the fact that Pampanga has always been lauded by Filipinos as a province of culinary excellence.

In a recent report published by another web site that focuses on hotels and resorts in Clark Philippines, one restaurant appeared to head the list of good restaurants in Clark Pamapanga.   The name of this restaurant is Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge. This restaurant in Clark Pampanga has been serving food and wine lovers in Pampanga and frequent visitors from Manila for ten years.


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A lot of frequent visitors to Clark as well as tourists arriving from all over Asia for golf or business seemed to have tried this fantastic restaurant.  Some of the comments are very flattering.  Apparently prices in this restaurant in Clark Pampanga are not all that high especially if one compares prices against those in hotel restaurants.

Those who have plans to visit Pampanga may want to allocate some time to rest and relax in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone, or Clark Zone as the ex-US airbase Clark Field is called.  Here is the contact details of this restaurant in Clark.
Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge
Mimosa Drive past Holiday Inn,
Mimosa Leisure Estate, Clark field,
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023

Tel:  (045) 599-5600  0922-870-5194  0917-520-4401

Travelers and tourists visiting Philippines Clark Freeport Zone requiring some assistance with hotel accommodation in Clark as well as good restaurants in Clark Pampanga to eat out, can visit this web site for listings and reviews.

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